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My goal in a nutshell. Setting sail for the Pacific Gyre in six days.

(By the immortal Charles Barsotti.)


BP Oil Spill - Google Ad Fail

This is from the Gulf oil spill video feed in late May. BP missed the coupon deadline, needless to say.

It outdoes my other favorite inappropriately-placed google ad, which was one for Haiti real estate deals, placed on top of a satellite map of the devastated Port-au-Prince.

I guess we do need the semantic web.

7.23.2010 Using Your Travel Dollar Wisely.

Go where the deals are:

Photos Of Surfers And Other Ballsy Tourists On Oil Contaminated Beaches (Business Insider)

7.23.2010 BP Cleanup Workers Gone Wild

An interesting question to ask yourself when you’re visiting a polluted or otherwise degraded environment—like, say, the site of a disastrous oil spill—is not just what’s being destroyed or lost, but what’s thriving. This can lead to some pretty interesting answers:

That night, dozens of men in race-segregated packs crowd around to watch strippers dance around and then tussle inside the bouncy inflatable ring set up inside Daddy’s Money. Female oil wrestlers need, obviously, to be oiled. Plastic cups full of baby oil are being auctioned off, along with the right to rub their contents all over one of the thong-bikinied gals. “I hope there’s no dispersant in that oil!” someone quips. The bidding before the first match starts at $10; it ends pretty quickly when some kid offers $100.

"He outbid me!" the guy next to me yells. His name is Cortez. He bid $80. He has dollar bills tucked all the way around under the brim of his hat, and piles of them in his fist. He has spent $200 of his $1,000 paycheck already tonight. "I am coming here every Saturday from now on," he says. He gestures expansively at the scene—writhing women; hollering, money-throwing men. "Sponsored by BP!" he yells, laughing, then throws his arms around me and grabs my ass.

BP Cleanup Workers Gone Wild | Mother Jones

Mac McClelland, by the way, is the shit.


The bumper car pavilion in Pripyat, the deserted city in the Chernobyl zone.


…trying to figure out if Tumblr is the place to send slideshows and otherwise unpublished material. Who knows? Here are a few pictures from my trip to Chernobyl.